The Fundamentals for Sustainable Landscaping

The Fundamentals for Sustainable Landscaping

Landscaping is a key aspect of urban planning. It’s also an important challenge: how do we incorporate green spaces in our urban environment and make them thrive without having to waste too much water or other resources? Here are some aspects that we should always take in consideration for landscaping, whether we’re talking about a small home garden or a bigger public area.

There’s a common misconception that sustainable landscaping is reduced to just cacti and other plants that don’t need much water nor maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be like this always. The secret for a sustainable landscape is to really know your surroundings. Which plants grow naturally in the area? How are these natural green areas preserved? How do they react to the changing seasons? How do different species coexist? 

The goal must be to create a space that is really environmentally friendly, climate appropriate and that does not demand excessive resources in order to survive. Water conservation, soil health and the management of waste must also be aspects that direct your choices in order to create a sustainable area.

When factoring sustainability in any landscaping project, the side benefits can be enormous. The costs of maintenance will be drastically reduced, as well as the use of water and the pollution caused by chemical treatments. Also, responsible, respectful and sustainable landscaping can offer great things to a city: if the process is carefully taken in order to create sustainable and comprehensive habitats, it can encourage pollinators and offer shelter to endemic birds and other wildlife. This can help mitigate some of the hazards of climate change for specific zones.

While landscaping has long been an important part of architectural development and urban design, it’s time to reconsider the ways in which we approach these processes. We’re living difficult times that demand all of our efforts towards the preservation of the environment and the care of our resources. Sustainable landscaping is proof of the ways in which we can do this without sacrificing the beauty of our urban environment. YOU MUST READ Key Initiatives in Sustainable Construction Towards a Better Future

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