Zaida: A Timeless Sculptural Table Harmonizing Nature and Design

Zaida: A Timeless Sculptural Table Harmonizing Nature and Design

In the realm of furniture design, some creations transcend conventional notions of functionality and become genuine works of art. Zaida, an extraordinary sculptural table envisioned by Sonia Michalopoulou and Isabel Francoy, epitomizes this elevated form of craftsmanship.

By seamlessly integrating with its surroundings, Zaida harnesses the interplay between natural light and meticulously handcrafted alabaster. In this article, we delve into the exceptional qualities of Zaida, its materials, and the designers’ vision, culminating in a captivating fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

A Harmonious Union

Zaida’s defining characteristic lies in its harmonious interaction with ambient light, forging a captivating symbiotic relationship with its environment. This interplay between light and the sculptural table engenders a mesmerizing dance of illumination and shadow, imbuing each space with a distinct atmosphere that evokes a multitude of emotions. Every room graced by Zaida becomes a canvas for the ethereal interplay of natural light, transforming it into a truly unique and immersive experience.

The Enchanting Allure of Alabaster

At the heart of Zaida’s allure lies its meticulous craftsmanship using handcrafted alabaster, a natural and translucent stone. This exclusive and environmentally sustainable material infuses the table with a timeless authenticity. Alabaster’s inherent qualities, including its smoothness and subtle translucency, amplify the overall aesthetic appeal of Zaida. With its organic contours and luminous radiance, this sculptural table effortlessly captivates attention and admiration.

Design Precision and Technical Specifications

Zaida’s design exemplifies meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the simplicity and delicacy inherent in alabaster. The table’s self-supporting structure comprises three seamlessly interlocking parts, eliminating the need for extraneous fixations. This design approach not only enhances the table’s visual appeal but also facilitates its effortless removal, storage, and transportation, without compromising its elegance and integrity.

Essential Details of Zaida

  • Designers: Sonia Michalopoulou & Isabel Francoy
  • Material: Alabaster, a naturally white and translucent stone
  • Source: Quinto de Ebro, Zaragoza (Spain)
  • Manufacturing process: Plate cutting with diamond discs, featuring a specialized alabaster varnishing technique
  • Dimensions: 40x56x56 cm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Description: Zaida boasts a compact and delicate surface, which serves as a gentle reminder of its fragility. It is a masterpiece that warrants careful handling and appreciation.


The creators of Zaida 

Sonia Michalopoulou and Isabel Francoy, the visionary designers behind Zaida, are passionate about creating products and spaces that evoke powerful emotions. Together, they strive to achieve the perfect amalgamation of physical spaces and the objects within them. By exploring the interplay of textures, light, and the passage of time, their objective is to elicit new sensations and craft truly unparalleled experiences.

In conclusion, Zaida transcends the realm of ordinary furniture, emerging as a testament to the seamless integration of design and nature. Through its artful composition of handcrafted alabaster and its captivating interaction with ambient light, Zaida manifests as a timeless and authentic creation. The meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision of Sonia Michalopoulou and Isabel Francoy have birthed a sculptural table that defies conventional boundaries, becoming an enchanting centerpiece in any space fortunate enough to showcase its awe-inspiring beauty.

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