Discover Vocla Farms

Discover Vocla Farms

VOCLA (Valley of Conscious Living and Architecture)  Farms is a rural estate situated in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra, surrounded by agricultural and forested lands. The estate boasts a diverse range of indigenous fruit, flower, and shading trees, as well as various microorganisms that contribute to a self-sustaining forest. The architectural design of the structure is thoughtfully planned to integrate seamlessly with the natural surroundings, with no trees cut or environmental disturbance incurred.

The natural steep contours of the land provide an opportunity to create functional spaces at different levels. The southern-facing contours pose a challenge with direct and harsh sunlight throughout the day, leading to the creation of extended roof overhangs to shield the large openings from the sun’s direct rays.

The interior of the structure features an open plan design that visually extends the space to offer magnificent views of the valley, encompassing rice fields and forest lands. The materials used in the space are carefully selected to provide a contrasting effect. Furniture is in light shades of gray and brown, while the distinctive blue shades of glass used in the front facade windows provide a striking contrast that frames intriguing views of the valley. Ambient lights with three shades of white, orange, and red are strategically placed within the space to create a range of moods. Pendant lights are used above the dining table and work desk area for task illumination.

The plan incorporates an elegant open kitchenette with a cooking stove mounted within the platform, a multifunctional preparation table that can double as a dining table, and a north corridor leading to a walking wardrobe and bathroom. A glass partition between the wardrobe and bathroom, as well as mirrors, create an illusion of space and enhance the design’s overall aesthetic.

The conscious design and planning of Vocla Farms offer a unique experience that allows guests to enjoy nature’s tranquility and comfort, with modern and luxurious amenities.

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