Pedro, where design and functionality meet

Pedro, where design and functionality meet


For the past 200 years, we’ve been able to enjoy fresh drinks thanks to the invention of small blocks of ice, or «cubes,» by Frederic Tudor. As a result of this invention, the need for vessels to contain the ice and serve it at the table arose, giving rise to the essential household and dining item we know as the ice bucket.

Despite the importance of the ice bucket, utility has not always been linked to aesthetics or seen as a decorative element. 

However, designer Isabel Francoy has introduced «Pedro,» an ice bucket that combines functionality and design. “Pedro” is a design object that embodies the basic principles of architecture, Francoy’s main discipline, as well as her passion for art. 

Francoy has innovatively applied microcement, a construction material often used in her architectural projects, to the functional design of the ice bucket.

Isabel created «Pedro» to address the gap between form and function she observed in restaurant design. 

While restaurants paid attention to their menus and interior design, the balance was often disrupted by a necessary but uninspiring element – the ice bucket. Francoy’s goal was to unite ergonomics and design while introducing the use of cement to a smaller scale. 

The result is an aluminum-based ice bucket covered with cement, creating unique and practical bottle coolers.

In addition to its functionality, «Pedro» addresses storage issues with its self-supporting, removable, and stackable design. Francoy believes that the culture of wine deserves an ice bucket that is both design-forward and functional.

The design and creation process of «Pedro» inspired Francoy so much that she named the ice bucket after her father, as a tribute to him.

«Pedro» is a perfect marriage between design and gastronomy, connecting the staging around the table in harmony.

pedro by isabel francoy

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