An integral approach to post-pandemic construction

post-pandemic construction

An integral approach to post-pandemic construction

The pandemic has taken the construction industry into a drastically different field, with new ways of social organization, new consumption habits and new ways of inhabiting different spaces. Here are some aspects within the construction industry that must be taken in consideration for our post-pandemic construction.

Infrastructure and housing sectors

These complex times imply a serious reflection on both sectors. It’s important to create platforms for sustainable futures, with better conditions for the environment and the population. The horizontal distribution systems are more likely to become more popular than others. Currently, an average sized building distributes its air in a vertical way. Even though this may seem useful from some points of view, this is not the best solution for a correct distribution of ventilation throughout the whole building. 

post-pandemic construction

Sustainable buildings

According to the ecological building projections, this market will grow significantly in the next five years. Sustainable approaches to construction are becoming more urgent with each passing day and the whole industry must meet these goals. 

Upcoming technology

The increasing demand for the construction industry requires different solutions that provide speed and efficiency. Data management and artificial intelligence come as great alternatives to turn companies into more competitive and efficient agents. Now more available than ever, this technology presents a tremendous range of possibilities. During this last decade, our way of working has drastically changed.

post-pandemic construction

The pandemic has shaken the industry in ways that we cannot ignore. It has taught us a lot about the way in which we approach changes and adaptability. It’s important to always stay receptive for the different circumstances that may appear, to always be ready to face whichever challenge comes our way. 

The construction industry has a tremendous impact on cities and their population. This impact carries an equal responsibility towards our present and, of course, our future. We’re living defining times, let’s make the best of them.

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