Top game-changing technology advances in construction

technology advances in construction

Top game-changing technology advances in construction

Innovations in the construction industry opens space for new paths in design, project development and a correct use of the resources. It’s been a couple of decades since digital technologies have set the rhythm for these changes. Here are five recent top game-changing technology advances in construction.

technology advances in construction

Building Information Modeling 

Building Information Modeling is one of the most important digital construction advances. 70% of the biggest construction projects use it. For example, in England it’s important to have a BIM certification in order to be able to contest for governmental projects. This software makes it possible to elaborate building plans in 3D models that is available for everyone involved with the project. This is great for collaboration, corporate practices, margin of error reduction, process agilizaron and, overall, a better project development.

Building Software based on cloud computing

The construction industry has found a green deal of operational advantages in cloud computing. Until recently, most of the project development tools, human resources or inventory management were executed in local servers. This implied several obstacles and problems with safety and efficiency. Nowadays, most of the construction software is available in the cloud, so anyone with internet connection has access to it. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative technological advances nowadays. Its pattern identifying system improves drastically aspects in construction like security, project development and resource management. The data management has taken an enormous step thanks to this technology.

technology advances in construction

3D printing

3D printing has evolved impressively in the construction industry. It allows the creation of specific components such as complex structures, thus reducing waste and making some processes way more efficient and quick. Walls, modular structures, furniture, reinforcement molds and even full houses can be generated with this technology.

Augmented reality

The use of augmented reality has become more frequent recently within the construction industry. It allows de superposition of computer generated images in order to visually replace some real physical elements. It is very useful for new constructions and structures. It allows us to see the possibilities that certain space provides for each project. 

Innovation in construction must be matched with sustainability. The use of resources, reduction of waste and improvement in the workspace are key elements. It’s important to be fully informed about this. What do you think of this topic?

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