What can the construction industry do for air quality

What can the construction industry do for air quality

What can the construction industry do for air quality

The effects that pollution has on human health are completely devastating. These are particularly harsh on kids and elder people, precisely those who contribute the least to them. The bad air quality in the cities yearly takes many people’s lives. This is where urban planning and construction become key players. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ask ourselves, what can the construction industry do for air quality?

When we think about air pollution in big cities, we usually think about heavy car traffic. And even though this association is correct, the high level of car traffic is not the main cause of pollution in big cities.

One of the most predominant factors for this throughout the world is the construction industry.

The use of polluting energy, as well as the pollution created by waste and materials, can cause an enormous impact on a city’s air quality. Here’s a series of sources within the construction industry that can cause this air pollution.

Construction dust

Materials that are commonly used by constructors may include concrete, wood and stone. Most of these materials are likely to release big amounts of dust. The problem is that this dust remains in the air during days or even weeks.


Every project uses energy plants and vehicles that are fueled with diesel. Depending on the site’s activities, machinery may include hammers, excavators and other tools. The diese’s combustion process releases several poisonous gasses such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. 

Hazardous gases

Oil, glue, paint, treated wood and other chemical hazardous products are widely used in construction works. They release hazardous gases that contribute to the air pollution.

Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition material waste are usually non recyclable and can constitute a big cost for the environment.

Air pollution caused by the construction industry has great effects on everyone, including the industry’s workers, the people who live in such cities, and other species coexisting in these environments.

Workers are particularly exposed to this, and companies must take responsibility in order to prevent sickness and other trouble. Here are some measures that companies can implement to achieve this:

To reduce waste

It’s important to plan each project with this purpose always in mind, in order to optimize the use of resources and construction materials. It’s crucial to separate and filter each material to reduce water pollution as well.


Waste recycling must be implemented by every construction company in order to achieve true environmental responsibility. There are several national and international initiatives that are created for this purpose.

Environmentally friendly tools

The type of products and materials used in each project can become a key factor for the preservation of air quality.

The construction industry has a long way to go towards an integral creation and implementation of strategies to reduce air quality effects. From the supply chain to the technology used for the project development, people working in this sector must guard the population’s and workers’ health above all, as well as our environmental wellbeing. 

Have you addressed these issues in your projects? Share your thoughts with us!

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