We need to talk about the gender pay gap in construction

We need to talk about the gender pay gap in construction

Construction has been a historically male-dominated field, consequentially having one of the biggest gaps in the earnings of male and female workers. With the current  importance that the conversation around gender equality has taken, this has become one of the most urgent and important social responsibility issues within the construction industry. There are several countries around the world that are executing diverse efforts to eradicate this problem, but it is important to continue addressing it in order to expect a really signifying toll. Here’s our take on the gender pay gap in construction. 

The gender pay gap in construction oscillates around 10% and 20% of the salary, which varies among the different positions within the field.

But the problem goes way beyond this, as the leading roles in construction companies and projects remain occupied by male workers predominantly. Many companies have implemented strategies to measure and prioritize diversity, but the difference in representation in highly paid roles within the field is still overwhelming.

Those women who have raised their voices about this issue have played a crucial role in every step taken towards transparency. These differences, which have been normalized historically, will be no more: it’s time for minorities to claim their rights and for both authorities and companies to stop perpetuating these unfair conditions that only obstruct growth, development and innovation.

The industry must, now more than never, invest in training and awareness towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

And each individual must do a personal effort to act accordingly, with respect and dignity towards every person working in the industry, mo matter their gender, race, age or social strata.

What do you think of this issue? Have you witnessed this gender pay gap throughout your career? Please share your opinion with us!

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