Innovation in construction: An answer to society’s needs

Innovation in construction: An answer to society’s needs

Innovation in construction has always responded to the needs and concerns of the society in a specific period of time. This is, in a way, an indicator of the evolving priorities that cities and urban development have. We can learn a lot through materials and techniques that have been implemented in specific moments, from the popularization of concrete, to current trends like modular construction, biomaterials and other innovations. Here are three examples of recent innovation in construction that can shed a light on the developing status of our cities and urban development.


This material contains porous organic fillers and fibers that guarantee reinforcement. It has proven to be useful for places with a high rate of natural disasters such as earthquakes, explosions and tsunamis, as it is a tremendously resilient material. It does not only provide safety, but it also guarantees more longevous buildings, thus becoming a more sustainable alternative.


Nanomaterials are based on the nanoscale size of their components. They provide mechanical, energetic and aesthetic properties to the materials, perfecting existing processes and offering better solutions. Once more, if a building is developed through rigorous and careful processes, it will last longer, thus maximizing its profiting of the resources.


Smart glass changes its heating abilities in relation to the heat conditions in the house. It shifts its transparency degree according to the time of the year, thus preventing heating wavelengths and requiring much less energy for air conditioning, or allowing the sunlight in and reducing the need of artificial heat.

What do you think of these innovations? Have you worked with them? Share your insight with us!

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