Towards 2030: Challenges for Sustainable Construction

Towards 2030: Challenges for Sustainable Construction

The United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs has taken several goals as a path to approach global climate crisis, poverty and hunger looking towards 2030. This sets an important route for every industry, as we all share the responsibility towards a more resilient future worldwide. The construction industry is a key player in this challenge, as it more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and around forty percent of the carbon emissions are related to the industry’s work. Here’s a look at the challenges that we are facing and the responsibility of sustainable construction.

One of the most important needs that are being set throughout this process is resiliency within construction.

This does not only apply only to the purpose of building strong structures, but also to the ability of each project to adapt to its surroundings without invading and affecting the ecosystems in a negative way. It’s also important to plan according to these times and evaluate the extents of resiliency incorporating everything we have learned during the pandemic. Our cities must withstand a multiplicity of events, and not all of them are physical.

The development of more efficient processes is also a key part of this search for sustainability. It’s important to reduce waste and energy consumption during each phase: from design and construction through the building’s further use and operation. Nowadays, we count with technology that allows us to calculate more precisely and reduce all sorts of waste.

These complex times we’re living have posed humongous challenges for every industry. We must meet these challenges and continue searching for new roads that will make our lives and our cities healthier, greener and more resilient.

Have you discussed these issues with your work teams? What do you think about these challenges? Share your insight with us! We would love to know all about it.

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