Sustainable Construction After the Pandemic

Sustainable Construction After the Pandemic

These past couple of years have shaken almost every preconception we had about the ways in which we carry our daily lives within the spaces we have built. The pandemic has severely affected not only the workplace, but also the activities we develop at home and the ways in which we interact with public spaces. It has also taught us that our actions as members of a society are intertwined, and our behavior and choices do affect the people around us. So, as we apparently approach a relatively normal life again, it’s time to reflect on everything we have learned throughout this crisis and apply it towards the future. This is particularly important when we’re talking about the buildings we inhabit, since they play a key role in our lives, our safety and our health. So, how can we achieve sustainable construction after the pandemic?

sustainable construction after the pandemic

The pandemic raised several issues related to comfort, safety, hygiene and health that are directly related to our built environment. It raised awareness on the need for buildings that are focused on the human dimension and that are as friendly as possible with our ecosystems. Architects, builders, engineers, designers and also investors have come to terms with the fact that this is an undeniable reality of our time. This is important since it opens space for discussions, collaborations and a common search for solutions that will benefit all.

Sustainable construction after the pandemic must contemplate every stage of development, from a comprehensive design process, to a meticulous planning and budgeting that will mitigate the environmental impact, to the generation of sustainable practices that can survive passing time in order to make a building’s life the most environmentally friendly possible.

Safety, quality and efficiency can go great lengths in the reduction of our carbon footprint.

It’s our responsibility to implement energy efficiency solutions and sustainable materials in every project, as well as impulsing a design that will make everyday life much less damaging in the long term.

sustainable construction after the pandemic

As public life gradually returns, we must find ways to reduce the pollution and environmental impact that this process naturally implies. This will depend on the joint effort from all the agents involved in urban planning: it requires a common understanding of the impact of the built environment on the configuration of the population’s activity.

It’s on us to really apply the lessons we have learned through these difficult times, in order to build a healthier and more resilient world for the future. Are you up to the challenge?

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