Construction and Big Data: 4 Aspects that are Benefited

construction and big data

Construction and Big Data: 4 Aspects that are Benefited

When we talk about big data, we’re talking about an enormous and complex group of information that needs to be processed by sophisticated analytics systems.

It can be applied in many work fields, and construction is one of them. Due to the specificities of every single project, the construction process can be made more efficient, clear and easy by this technology in every phase. It provides methods to collect, analyze and apply the necessary information in order to solve problems and provide better paths. Here’s a list of some key aspects that can be enhanced by the relation between construction and big data:

Budgeting and Planning

The accuracy that we can obtain from the use of big data makes every step of the process easier to dimension, as well as the costs that they imply. This allows all the team to plan in more realistic ways and calculate expenses, workflows and time requirements.


The collaboration among contractors, architects and engineers can be executed much more smoothly through the use of Big Data and artificial intelligence. The models, blueprints and plans that are made using this technology have proven to be much more accurate and clear. This is also quite useful in case of changes, as the information processing is taken care of.

Risk Mitigation

To collect and analyze big data makes the whole construction process much more secure and safe for everyone involved. It also helps to make choices that include a wide range of information in order to create safer buildings for the people who will use them according to specific aspects such as geography and climate. 


The carbon footprint of the construction industry is calculated around 40% of the world’s impact, which calls for urgent sustainable solutions throughout the whole process. Big Data can drastically reduce the waste from each project, as well as the energy used. Its ability to adapt to the particular conditions of each project makes it possible to search for particular solutions that will increase efficiency.

The construction industry carries a big responsibility towards the environment. The use of big data in construction is one of many ways in which we can meet our times’ needs. Do you use big data in your projects? Share your experience with us!

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