Net-Zero Construction: A key Goal

Net-Zero Construction: A key Goal

The choices we make and the paths we take today will have an undeniable impact on the world of tomorrow. We’re facing a defining period regarding the climate crisis and the availability of natural resources.

We’re running out of time: we must meet our world’s needs in order to provide a dignified future for generations to come. Net-zero construction is, without doubt, one of the most important bets within the industry.

It’s a responsibility of the construction sector to take immediate action for the reduction of carbon emissions related to the built environment: this includes the planning and development process of a building, its actual construction and its following life.

The construction sector throughout the world is responsible for around 36% of energy consumption, 38% of carbon emissions, 50% of resource consumption, and it will double its carbon footprint unless something is done.

The only way of really annihilating any impact would be to stop any construction activity, but this is virtually impossible. This is where net-zero becomes important, as it allows the release of carbon emissions as long as it is matched by carbon capture or offsetting.

This goal can only be achieved through a deep comprehension of the specific dimensions of each activity and each step of the construction processes. It also compels constructors to implement energy, transportation and material alternatives that would provide a more concrete approach to sustainability.

Nowadays, there are several certifications that provide guidance around these issues, however, many of them remain cryptic and unapproachable.

The clarity through these processes is fundamental in order to really visualize the dimension of the challenges we’re facing, both globally and related to each individual project. It’s not enough to carry on with the sustainable messages or trends: specific actions with measurable goals must be implemented in each and every project.

The entire laboral chain within the construction industry must collaborate in order to generate more responsible and sustainable practices. It’s important to keep this in mind throughout the whole process, from the moment in which the buildings are designed and built, to their occupation and eventual deconstruction.

Tell us, have you implemented these practices in your projects? We would love to know your insight on these issues!

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