Natural lighting and ventilation for these times

Natural lighting and ventilation for these times

The pandemic has truly accentuated the importance of healthy, comfortable and sustainable indoor environments.

With the intermittent lockdown and home office, it has become more important now than ever to find ways to build and maintain indoor spaces where people can feel safe, motivated and tranquil while always prioritizing mental and physical health. For this purpose, natural light and ventilation play key roles.

Several agents, from designers and architects to builders, must join forces to reimagine the ideal home according to these times’ needs. The issue goes beyond just functionality, it must also contemplate the importance of durable and sustainable design. This is particularly tricky when we factor in the different climate conditions throughout the world: how can we build houses that can both be cozy, illuminated, ventilated and safe while using responsibly the resources we have at hand? Here are a few elements that are due to become pillars of construction while we aim to meet these needs:


The building’s direction affects directly both its inner ambience and the energy efficiency. It’s important to not only factor this in for the whole construction but also to consider specific requirements related to bedrooms and common areas. The goal must be to take full advantage of natural light and warmth.

Materials for insulation

This acquires different qualities according to the specific climate conditions of each project. Nowadays, there are several biomaterials that have become great alternatives for sustainable and durable insulation. While planning according to the amount of daylight that these materials will absorb, the energy requirements will substantially decrease thus making the building more sustainable without sacrificing comfort. 


Designing with sunlight and shading in mind will also allow each building to save and fully use the natural energy. This may also provide comfortable and fresh spaces where needed, thus creating friendlier and healthier homes that can adapt to each season.

The transformation of homes into spaces that ensure our physical and mental health is becoming a key concern within the construction industry. What do you think of this issue? Have you faced this challenge in your projects?

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