5 Buildings to Remember Richard Rogers

5 Buildings to Remember Richard Rogers

Iconic British architect has unfortunately passed away this weekend. The 88 year old legend is a key part of modern architecture, and has left behind a legacy that will surely prevail and influence generations to come. Here are five works to remember him and honor his memory.

Lloyd’s Building

This building in London is one of the architect’s best known works. His innovative perspective came to life with this project developed by the homonymous insurance institution. It is an edgy and innovative building with the services, like ducts and lifts, placed on the exterior to optimize the interior space. It is known as one of the most important architectural feats of the century, and has undoubtedly placed Richard Rogers in history.

Pompidou Centre

This Parisian icon was developed by Rogers in collaboration with Renzo Piano. It is one of the most visited buildings in Europe and definitely put both of them, who were then relatively unknown, in the global architectural map. This building was executed following the principles of flexibility, adaptability and innovation. It marked a new era for cultural venues, with a unique facade that has become one of the city’s landmarks.

Leadenhall Building

To analyze this other building in London is a fascinating way to admire the architect’s evolution through time. Three decades after the development of Lloyd’s building, Leadenhall building is a separate architectural feat of its time: it shows impressive structural planning and design as it is suspended 30 meters over the ground and it interacts with its surroundings becoming one with the built landscape.

Millennium Dome

Among many architectural projects focused on the celebration of the new millennium, this project in London is one of the best developed ones. The tent-shaped building’s purpose was to host an exhibition named the Millennium Experience. The structure offers 100,000 square meters of exhibition space with a dome suspenden from a series of steel mast held in place by high-strength cable that also supports the glass fibre roof. After hosting thousands of people for the millennium celebration, it has become an important cultural venue. 

Heathrow Terminal 5

One of Richard Roger’s most important principles throughout his work was the continuous search for flexibility. This airport terminal is a clear example of this: a column-free space with a curved roof and internal freestanding, versatile and adaptable structures that leave space for freedom, movement and change. 

Richard Rogers has left a legacy that will certainly outlive him. Let’s cherish these lessons and inspiration as we honor his memory.




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