5 Architecture Schools that Have Made History

5 Architecture Schools that Have Made History

Architecture has a unique impact on culture, identity and the ways in which we inhabit each space. This is why architectural education is key for social development. A good architecture school defines paths and trends for landscaping, urbanism, design and even the real estate market. Here are five schools that have played a key role in architectural studies, research and teaching.

Bartlett School of Architecture at Bartlett School 

Bartlett School of Architecture is part of the Bartlett School of The Built Environment in the University College of London, one of the most important education centers when it comes to urbanism. Their academia is conformed by 261 professors from 23 different countries. Besides promoting passion among their students in front of new challenges, they execute exemplary projects each course. During the last two decades, Bartlett’s students have won more RIBA medals than any other school’s graduates. One of this school’s main objectives is to break conventional divisions among architecture, engineering, science and art.

School of Architecture and Planning at MIT 

This school, which was founded by William Robert in 1865, was the first one in the United States to offer a professional program in architecture. It was also the world’s first university course in architecture. The MIT School of architecture and Planning is known as one of the best places globally to acquire education on architectural design. Among their prominent graduates are architects like Alvar Aalto, Buckmisnter, Louis Khan and Kenzo Tange.

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands 

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology is known to prepare great researchers for architecture. This school also prepares professionals for landscape architecture, technological innovations in construction, the real estate market and urbanism trends. Ever since it was founded, this school has been one of the main pillars of global architecture.

Harvard Graduate School of Design 

This school located in Gund Hall, Massachusetts, offers some of the most attractive masters and doctorate programs for landscape architecture, territorial planning and urban design. Harvard is well known for its concern for the use of new technologies against climate change, infrastructure studies and the innovation in housing. This school has prepared more than 13 thousand students that include prominent names like Eduard Larrabee Barnes and Christopher Alexander.

College of Design and Engineering at National University of Singapore

This school offers programs in Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Arts in Urban Design, among many others. All these programs are approached involving Asian economic, climate and historical problems. One of this school’s main priorities is the search for specific architectural solutions for the region. Through history, theory and critical thinking, this community’s members are deeply concerned for cultural identity, postcolonialism and subjectivities that define these territories and populations. This school has earned several awards that recognize its work in education.  

These schools carry a great responsibility in the way the cities where we live are shaped. What do you think of our selection? Would you add more names to this list?

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