Three Netflix Shows Where Architecture is a Lead Character

Three Netflix Shows Where Architecture is a Lead Character

There are certain stories where architecture plays a key role, where sets are more than just spaces for the action to develop. Here are three Netflix shows that explore this dimension by offering real visual treats for all architects and architecture lovers.

The Crown

To recreate historical periods presents a complicated challenge that implies screenwriting, costume and set design efforts. The Crown is an example of the impressive lengths that productions can reach in this matter. It tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, traveling through different periods of time. This series has managed to recreate iconic spaces like the Buckingham Palace or the Westminster Abbey through both careful set design and construction and meticulous camera work. With more than 300 sets built, it has beaten the record as the most expensive show ever made. Just for painting an idea: Buckingham Palace was recreated for the screen using six locations and two sets. If you have seen this series you’ll agree with us: the production has achieved outstanding results that really do take us to other periods in time through their set construction.

Squid Game

This series is one of the biggest pop phenomena in the history of Netflix. It tells the story of desperate people who enter a deadly game in search of a millionaire prize. Architecture plays a central role in this journey: as they face different challenges, they are presented with surprising and frightening scenarios. Each stage is inspired by a different child game, which gave the designers and architects the opportunity of merging innocence and danger in a quite disturbing way. The sets hide metaphors and deep messages that critique greed and violence. Architect is one of the main engines of this story, which builds a sense of claustrophobia and desperation in both the characters and spectators. 

Money Heist

This Spanish series tells the story of a group of misfits led by a very smart man who plan and execute an extremely complicated heist. During parts 1 and 2, they break into The Royal Mint & Spanish National Research Council. These scenes were shot at the Spanish National Research Council headquarters since the building is identical to the one where the story develops. The different rooms where the robbers take the workers hostage, print the money and unfold their plan are ideal for the creation of increasing tension and emotion. 

Have you seen these series? What do you think of their set design? Share your opinions with us! WE RECOMMEND YOU TO READ Exploring Glamping’s Horizons


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