The 5 Greatest Football Stadiums in the World

The 5 Greatest Football Stadiums in the World

Sports and architecture have a strong connection: the venues where matches take place do not only host competitions, but also an immeasurable amount of memories and historical moments. Football stadiums have turned into identitary icons for teams around the world. Here’s a selection of our favorite stadiums in the world.

Santiago Bernabéu

Real Madrid’s Stadium was originally opened in 1947 and it has endured several renovations, with the last one turning it into the most impressive stadium in the world. The plans for this stadium are being developed by GMP Arquitectos and L35 Ribas. It will include several technological updates like a wrap around facade with steel steps and lightning stripes that will work as a projection space, retractable roofs, and even VR features.

Wembley Stadium

This stadium in London is home to the English national football team. The stadium developed by Foster+Partners was renovated and reopened in 2007 and can welcome up to 90,000 visitors. It was a true challenge to preserve the old stadium’s memory and traditions while creating a new venue where a new history can be forged. It has been the venue to Champions League and Olympic finals, as well as to several concerts by important international artists. It is an iconic stadium with an influence that goes beyond the sports world. It is well known that English people are one of the most passionate audiences when it comes to football, which turns this stadium into one of the most thrilling and exciting places to watch a match. 

Camp Nou

Home to the Barcelona F.C., this stadium opened in 1957 and can host nearly 99 thousand people. It was developed by architects Francesc Mitjans Miró and Josep Soteras Mauri, and it is mainly made of concrete and iron. It is one of the largest stadiums in Europe, and it was set to be renewed but the project is currently paused due to budget issues. However, the stadium remains one of the most impressive venues in the world due to its history and architecture, where some of the greatest footballers of all time like Maradona and Messi have played. 

The Maracaná

Everybody knows that Rio de Janeiro is one of the world capitals of football and this stadium meets the expectations that this implies. It opened in 1950 and can host almost  79,000 people. It was renewed for the FIFA World Cup 2013 by Bergermann Schlaich und Partner, who built a new roof with reinforced columns and a structure that allows it to be nearly floating over the court. 

Allianz Arena 

This stadium is shared by Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. OIt opened in 2005 and it can host up to 66 thousand people. It can change its colors in order to reflect the identity of the team that is using it. The construction allows fans to be closer to the court than the previous stadium these teams had, providing an immersive experience that everyone appreciates. The structure is made of reinforced concrete with a roof made of steel and a facade with illuminated air cushions. 

Have you visited these stadiums? Would you add others to this list? Share your opinions with us! WE RECOMMEND YOU TO READ 5 Lego Sets That Will Blow Your Mind


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