5 Lego Sets That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Lego Sets That Will Blow Your Mind

How many architects haven’t given their first steps towards their passion playing with LEGO sets? These toys have evolved through the years into real objects of desire for architects and architecture lovers. Here’s a list of our favorite sets.


This historical set is one of the highly valued and most desired sets made to this day. It has a great level of detail that will fascinate any architecture or history lover. It consists of 9,036 pieces that achieve a design level that has been admired for many LEGO fans. Rok Zgalin, designer of the set, took the project to an impressive level that will satisfy the highest expectations.

Taj Mahal 

This set is a true piece of art. It is one of the most attractive ones within the Architecture Series, and it will look great in every architecture lover’s house. The golden details, along with other exquisite details have turned this set into one of the best selling ones in LEGO’s history.


This 6,020 piece-set was the result of a meticulous design and planning process executed by two real Potterhead designers. It includes many of the key spaces within the saga’s history, from the Chamber of Secrets to Dolores Umbridge’s office. The experience of building this set was designed to mimic Harry’s experience, which starts with the boats and the Great Hall.

Diagon Alley

Even though it may seem extreme to include two Harry Potter items in this list, the choice is totally justified. This set is part of the modular collection of Lego,which includes different iconic Diagon Alley’s spots. It has a great level of detail that will fascinate not only Potterheads but also anyone who admires LEGO’s ability to recreate incredible universes.

Star Wars Death Star

This set was launched in 2016 and is the most desired and valued one of this list. Like the other elements of this list, it achieves a great level of detail in every single corner which all Star Wars fans will surely appreciate. It has special features that show the impressive lengths that the LEGO creatives can reach.

Tell us, do you own any of these sets? Would you add more to the list? WE RECOMMEND YOU TO READ Architecture in Connection with Nature



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