What Will the Post-COVID Home Look Like?

What Will the Post-COVID Home Look Like?

The pandemic has reached all of the aspects in our lives. One of the most important factors in this radical switch have definitely been people’s homes. All of a sudden, our whole lives were forced to move home, thus needing to redefine the way in which we inhabit every corner of our house. From one day to another, we had to work, learn, socialize, cook, exercise and rest in the same place. 

Now that vaccines are being widely applied around the globe and that the contagion ratio is decreasing, it’s time to reflect on all the things that have changed through this crisis, to consider those things we must preserve for the future and to value what we have learned.

Lockdown redefined the priorities within our homes. The need for open spaces, natural light, ventilation and separate rooms for separate purposes are some of the most popular realizations shared by people on different platforms. Architects, engineers and designers are listening to these issues in order to work with such knowledge incorporated.

It may sound apocalyptic, but the pandemic did raise the need for prevision before extreme circumstances. We don’t know how the next global crisis will look, or even if it will occur during our lifetime, however, it’s clear that our buildings and particularly our homes must be ready to adapt for any specificities that may emerge.

Architects are gathering and developing several techniques that will prepare buildings to face a wider range of adversities. From cork walls for acoustics and non-reflective windows to more fragmented and focused spaces and the prioritization of open areas, we can be sure that the construction industry has been reached by the pandemic.

Even though we will gradually go back to something resembling the old normality, there’s a strong opinion that this reliance on the home will prevail even as the pandemic fades away. Many offices and companies have opted for a complete transition to home office, and we have discovered the benefits of taking certain activities to the virtual space. It’s important to dig deep in these learnings in order to be ready for whatever may come our way. Architecture plays a key role in this journey, we must meet the task’s needs.

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