Expo Dubai 2020: Building For a Connected World

Expo Dubai 2020: Building For a Connected World

We’re living complex times. The crisis we’re living is deeply related to the hyperconnected times that our world is going through: the virus was widely and quickly spread due to the various commercial and touristic routes around the world, but also the global efforts to face this crisis, like health policies, research, and the vaccine’s development were achieved thanks to global collaboration. As we approach the return to something resembling normality, it’s important to celebrate the work that is being done around globally towards a more connected and better world. Expo Dubai has gathered an impressive selection of projects to showcase these visions for a better future.

This expo focuses on innovative architectural and cultural projects. This year it will explore the “power of connections in shaping our world” with national pavilions where truly groundbreaking ideas will find a place to meet the public. These pavilions will be organized among three thematic districts: Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. 

The expo’s master plan features the world’s largest unsupported dome, as well as a pavilion with a reflective ceiling, a cylindrical pavilion, an observation tower and other architectural marvels that really represent the most creative and innovative facets of the industry. The achievements in design, planning and execution are truly astonishing and will definitely set a path for a global architectural evolution according to the complex times we’re living in.

The activities that conform Expo Dubai 2020 will be held until March 2022, which will surely give us plenty to analyze and explore: a source of inspiration for the architectural community around the world to work towards a more connected and sustainable future for all.

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