Coldplay’s Plan for Sustainable Entertainment

Coldplay’s Plan for Sustainable Entertainment

Coldplay’s new world tour will have a net-zero carbon footprint according to the band, following their promise in 2019 to suspend public shows until they found a more sustainable way to do it. This goes beyond the use of biodegradable confetti -which is maybe the smallest of their proposals-, it will be achieved due to a wider sustainability plan that involves innovative technology and measures that will definitely put pressure on the rest of the industry. Are we facing a more sustainable future of entertainment and massive events? 

This tour, which will be named Music of the Spheres, will execute several environmental initiatives that will reduce carbon emissions. For the rest of the emissions, the band will use a series of carbon-removal methods that will result in the net-zero carbon footprint that they promise.

Climeworks plays a key role in this plan thanks to their technology for carbon reduction.  The machines developed by this company remove carbon dioxide from the environment and store it for further commercial use. This collaboration is only one of many efforts executed by the company for sustainability, which owns the world’s largest direct air capture and storage plant.

The rest of the emissions will be managed following the methods proposed by the Oxford Principles for Net-Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting, by reforestation, rewinding and meadow restoration. 

The events will be powered by renewable energy generated by solar panels. The band will also involve the audience in this process by installing electricity-generating bikes: can you picture the thrill of generating yourself part of the energy that makes a concert possible?

Another aspect that must be factored in is the carbon footprint caused by the transportation needed to make a tour possible. The band will manage this by using Sustainable Aviation Fuel, made from renewable materials. The stage and equipment will also respond to these needs. They will use mainly local equipment to avoid its transportation impact, and the stage will be made of sustainable materials like recycled steel and bamboo. In addition, they will offer discounts for attendants to arrive using eco-friendly transportation.

This tour, which will start in March 2022, is historical in many aspects. The plan, which will surely be revised and perfected with practice, may set new standards for the music industry.

Do you think other artists will follow Coldplay’s steps? We surely hope they will.

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