Architecture in Connection with Nature

Architecture in Connection with Nature

The tension between buildings and nature has defined several architectural currents throughout history: constructions are naturally on opposite sides of natural ecosystems. However, there have been many attempts to create a dialogue between these two elements, which has resulted in fascinating spaces. Here’s a list of five great examples of nature-connected architecture.

Pasona Urban Farm

Pasona is a Tokyo-based company focused on outsourcing, job offers and consulting. Its headquarters is this nine-storey building with two of its external walls covered by vegetation. Its name comes from the urban farming facilities that are built within the structure. This is a great example of the surprising ways in which sustainability can take form, since the harvest that is produced in these spaces is destined to meals at the building’s cafeteria.

Maggie’s Oldham

This British hospital explores the healing powers of natural environments. It’s a space created to serve as an emotional shelter, a safe place for cancer patients to rest and heal. The building is held by columns above a garden in an almost oniric way, providing a sense of calmness and peace. The whole project is focused on the purpose of providing warmth instead of the traditional aseptic and cool configurations of hospitals. 

The Spheres

This building in Seattle was developed by Amazon as a place of retreat, inspiration and rest. It consists of two dome-shaped greenhouses that host an impressive range of vegetation species. It is an oasis within the city, and fortunately it can be visited by the public on select dates.


This room in the Swedish Treehotel is immersed in the forest, providing a unique relaxing experience and an opportunity to disconnect from the hectic urban life for all its visitors. Its structure features huge mirrors as well as natural materials that turn it into a fantastic destination like no other. The reflection on the walls turns this construction into a sort of infinite window to nature.

Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial

 Wenchuan, China, was devastated by a huge earthquake in 2008. This memorial is dedicated to all the lives that were lost during this disaster. It is truly symbolic due to its design, which resembles the ruptures in the soil. Its structures are topped with green roofs that let it merge with its natural environment in a harmonic and peaceful way. These architectural efforts in sync with their natural surroundings are proof of the creative horizons that can be opened through the respect and honor of nature. Do you know more buildings that operate this way? Share them with us!
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