5 Buildings to Get to Know Frank Gehry

5 Buildings to Get to Know Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is one of the most important contemporary actors of the architectural panorama. The Canadian’s distinctive and bold style defies gravity and architectural conventions. Here’s a list of five buildings that represent the true essence of his work.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

This landmark of Los Angeles opened in 2003. It’s an iconic building conformed by pieces of stainless steel that have become one of the most recognizable fragments of the city’s landscape. The building’s impeccable design is also manifested in the purity of the sound quality that can be reached inside the concert hall.   

Vitra Design Museum

This German building was the architect’s first commission in Europe, and it opened in 1989. It is formed by piled geometric shaped pieces with a cover made of white plaster, Zinc and Titanium. The building’s design is almost sculptural, turning it into a true work of art that hosts some of the most important pieces of design in the world.

Neuer Zollhof

Set in Düsseldorf, this trio of buildings was completed in 1998. All three buildings’ facades are curved and lean, but each one of them has a different style, giving the project a complex aspect that, along with its impressive waterfront views, attracts and fascinates city visitors.

Stata Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The tilted columns of the Stata Center are truly hallucinating, it is one of Frank Gehry’s most impressive accomplishments. The whole structure is a bold mixture of shapes and textures that join in a beautiful, almost chaotic way. This formal experiment is proof of Gehry’s will to explore different horizons and defy all conventions and expectations.

Dancing House

This pair of towers, developed by Gehry and local architect Vlado Miluníc, and completed in 1996, is one of the architectural icons in Prague’s landscape. They’re known as Dancing House because they resemble a couple dancing. They’re made of metal, glass and concrete cylinders, and they stand among the more classical buildings in the city due to their daring design. 

What do you think of this selection of buildings? Would you add more buildings to this list? Share them with us! YOU MUST READ Myths Around Sustainability that Must Be Demolished




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