Video Games for Architects and Architecture Lovers

Video Games for Architects and Architecture Lovers

The development of video games is a complex and fascinating art: it creates different worlds and universes for users to explore. When it’s done correctly, it can result in a  unique immersive experience that shakes our senses, a true adventure. To create these worlds requires enormous efforts by big and experienced teams. Even though these spaces only live in the virtuality, the architectural work that has to be executed resembles some key stages of the project development: the execution of plans, the choice of materials, urban design and even the decoration process are all proof of the great skills that the team behind video games has.

Monument Valley

This game is an exquisite experience for anyone who appreciates the design of spaces and all the dimensions that are implicit in architecture. It looks like a work of Escher, with images that defy all our notions in hallucinating ways.

Assassin’s Creed

This video game allows players to explore cities and buildings from different eras in adventurous ways. You can climb, run and hide in different corners. The game was so thoroughly designed that, after the devastating fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, it served as a reference for the reconstruction process.

Cities: Skylines

This game is one of the community’s favorites. It is part of a long tradition of city simulation games, but it incorporates diverse aspects that result in a complex and enriching experience. Noise pollution, alternative transportation, sustainability and urban design are some of the issues that are addressed through this game.

Hidden Folks

This game is a real gem. It’s based on the idea of finding hidden characters in different scenarios. Everything is black and white, and the drawings’ details are truly captivating. Its style is nothing like the other games in this list, which provides a whole different aesthetic experience.

Manifold Garden

This game takes place in an alternative universe that responds to different physics laws and where you can create spaces through geometric manipulation. If you used to like playing with legos and like imagining crazy variations of space, this game is perfect for you.

Have you played any of these games? Do you know any others that we shall add to the list?

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