Is the Santiago Bernabéu Becoming the Most Impressive Stadium of our Time?

Is the Santiago Bernabéu Becoming the Most Impressive Stadium of our Time?

The Santiago Bernabéu, home to Real Madrid F.C., is enduring a radical transformation. It has been already known as one of the most important stadiums in the world, but the club’s President Florentino Pérez is still hungry for more. During this season, the team is finally back in its venue, however, there’s still work waiting to be done and we’re still waiting to see the final result of these humongous efforts.

The new stadium will retain its emotional attachment, as well as the key aspects that remain close to all madridista’s hearts. However, it will include several technological upgrades that, according to the Club, will place it as the best stadium in the world. 

The project is being executed by GMP Arquitectos and L35 Ribas. Its renovation is focused on two key goals: to preserve the Club’s status and demands, and to increase its revenues. The most impressive aspect is the wrap-around facade, which will consist of steel strips and lighting stripes that will also work as a projection area. This will surely be a creative opportunity that will amaze the audience time after time.

Another implementation is the retractable roofs that will guarantee safety and comfort for all the stadium visitors. This, along with the new restaurant and leisure areas will offer a unique experience that goes beyond the match. All parts of the venue will be completely modernized due to the most innovative technology, including an area devoted to e-sports, a VR enhancement of the museum, and the ability to complement the visit through different interactive features available on mobile devices, taking the visitors to a nearly futuristic experience. The project will also modify its surroundings by including squares on Paseo de la Catellana and the corner of Padre Damián, turning the area into a zone for pedestrians. 

The new Santiago Bernabéu faces the future as our world is evolving in an accelerated way. It pretends to follow this time’s rhythm and to be able to adjust to whatever comes our way. We still have to see if it does match our expectations, but so far, the project seems simply jaw dropping.  YOU MUST READ Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021: A Historic Edition

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