A Color For These Complex Times

A Color For These Complex Times

Each year, the most influential design brands from different industries select the colors that they consider as most representative of current times. When talking about architecture and interior design, Dulux is an unquestionable authority within these choices, and they have just announced the Color of the Year 2022, which gives us a lot to think about.

The selection process for this choice involves a panel of international design experts that read and analyze the times we’re living. They share their insights on the trends and the global social context in order to choose a color that will somehow reflect this and also provide necessary sensations and stimulation for humankind. All this process is focused on the spaces that people inhabit, taking this choice to a whole new dimension due to the pandemic.

This color had to reflect the common search for tranquility and shelter, the challenges we’re facing as a society and the resiliency that has resulted from this crisis. The transformation process that humanity has endured during the last year and a half is probably the most radical one to date because of the global dimension that these hyperconnected times have brought.

The ideal color must consider the role of people’s homes as it has evolved, the importance of nature, the constant and profound need for comfort and inspiration and, above all, the common need for hope, this deep longing we have for a brighter future. Bright Skies is the name of the shade that was carefully picked and it seems just perfect for this historic moment we’re experiencing.

It’s a light and airy blue that transmits optimism and soothes the senses. For these times when our home has become also our office, the kids’ school, our space of leisure and responsibilities altogether, the calmness that this color expresses is perfect. This shade is ideal for those rooms where one spends long hours, in an era in which anxiety and nervousness can suddenly invade us and linger if we do not take the right measures.

The choice for a Color of the Year for interior design during the pandemic takes an importance that cannot be denied. It is much more than just a trend or a style choice as it pretends to contribute to a global need for calmness, wellbeing and comfort. As our houses continue to be our main protection before all this uncertainty and fear, we might as well find ways to build the best possible shelter for us and our loved ones. YOU MUST READ The Possibilities that AR opens for Architecture

  • Refresh Your Home with Dulux Colour of the Year 2022, https://www.dulux.co.uk/en/colour-inspiration/refresh-your-home-with-dulux-colour-of-the-year-2022


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