5 Apps Every Architect Must Have

5 Apps Every Architect Must Have

Technology makes our work and our lives easier in many ways, leaving more time for creativity to fully develop and for greater projects to come to life. Here’s a selection of five apps that you will make your processes much easier:


Sketchup is a really useful and popular app. It is a 3D CAD program, which makes it ideal for architects, but also for interior designers. With Sketchup you can make architectural drawings which can be shared with your customers through mixed reality presentation tools, you can model in 3D, draw 2D plans and use several presets that will make your job much easier. It can take a while to adapt to its interface, but we assure you that the effort is worth it.


Even though this isn’t a strictly architectural app, this app has several tools that can be really useful for your processes. It’s popular among digital artists and designers because it has a wide range of pencils and brushes, as well as textures and almost every setting you might need for a creative project. As an architect, it can work as a pretty complete sketchbook, and it has the extra benefit of the possibility to export in layers to Photoshop.

Autodesk Formit

This is a great tool for 3D modeling and sketching. It has a very intuitive interface, so it is really easy to start to use. It also has several settings that make the results pretty friendly for clients and contractors. It has several attractive features, like an energy efficiency measuring tool as well as a very diverse materials library to make your projects richer. The pro plan includes collaboration tools that are great for teamwork.


This app is perfect for visualizing your 3D projects in augmented reality, which will let you create impressive interactive presentations. It lets you import models and manipulate several aspects of your design, as well as to virtually explore your project and even create real-time lighting. It has become increasingly popular among architects since it’s simple to use as well as very useful for communicating with the clients.

RoomScan Pro

This app was created to create floor plans in an effective, simple and quick way with nothing else apart from your phone. You only need to scan the room around (as its name clearly states) in order to create a floor plan almost instantly. It also works for building exteriors, gardens and yards. It is definitely one of the apps you’ll use all the time that will save you hours and hours of processes. 

Have you tried these apps? Which ones would you add to this list? Share your insights with us! We’ll love to know more about your work. YOU MUST READ Energy Floating Structures: A Sustainable and Innovative Initiative



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