A Surrealistic Gem Hidden in Mexico

A Surrealistic Gem Hidden in Mexico

Architectural tourism is a fascinating way to get to know different cultures and chapters in History. Even though one may think at first about the classical attractions like the Tour Eiffel, the Mexican or Egyptian pyramids, or the most iconic palaces, there are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered. One of these gems is set in the heart of the Huasteca Potosina, in Mexico.

The Huasteca Potosina is a region located in the Northwest of the country. It has impressive landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and wildlife. It’s clear why Sir Edward James chose it to be the perfect setting for his imagination to come to life through Las Pozas, his surrealistic garden.

Sir Edward James, who was born in an aristocratic circle in England, fell in love with the Mexican lands and left everything he knew behind to start a new life in San Luis Potosí. Before arriving in Mexico, he led a hectic intellectual and artistic life while he mingled with legends like Dalí, Picasso and Stravinsky. 

During two decades, and with the help of his good friend Plutarco, a Yaqui Indian, he built a mind blowing garden that consists of almost 40 surrealistic structures. Sir James, who besides his poetry and his long talks with his acquaintances hadn’t fully explored his artistic nerve, managed to truly crystallize his one-of-a-kind vision, creating one of the most hallucinating destinations any architecture lover must know.

From incredible and unforgettable sculptures, to arches, windows, pillars, natural pools, and stairs that lead to no place, the work of Sir Edward James seems straight out of a dream set within the depths of a natural labyrinth, merging and communicating in an amazing way. Every single step reveals a whole new view, leading anyone willing into unsuspected corners of imagination.

If you visit Las Pozas, you can complement the experience by staying at The Castle, which used to be Plutarco and Edward’s home in the town of Xilitla while creating the wonderful garden, and is walking distance from it. Don’t forget to plan in advance, since it only has eight rooms, but it’s definitely worth the effort to really get immersed in the surrealistic experience.

If you’re passionate about art, architecture and History, you should definitely visit this destination. Like every great work of art, Las Pozas will leave you in complete awe, you’ll feel like you’re entering the land of dreams.YOU MUST 5 Restaurants Where Architecture and Culinary Arts Come Together

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