Ecotourism for Hyperconnected Times

Ecotourism for Hyperconnected Times

Travel has become a way of life for many people. It’s only natural: with such an overwhelming variety of destinations we are always left wanting more. However, it’s important to consider all the implications that our trips have. It’s time to seriously think about the footprints we leave on the places we visit and the responsibility we carry.

Popular destinations commonly suffer lots of consequences due to the unstoppable mass tourism. Even though the economy may obtain certain benefits such as an attractive increase in job opportunities, we cannot ignore the environmental impact that tourism causes. This is the reason for the birth of ecotourism. Ecotourism incites responsible travel to natural areas that have not been reached by mass tourism yet. The main principles behind this idea are reducing the environmental impact, respecting host cultures, obtaining benefits for the local population and providing a great tourist satisfaction. Ecotourism follows strict programs to guarantee the preservation of the environment and the population’s wellbeing. 

There are several ways in which these programs cause a decrease in the impact of tourism. First of all, the visitors must be more deeply aware of the destination’s conditions than they usually are when visiting popular places. This includes details on flora and fauna, endangered species and geography, and cultural aspects such as the life quality of the population and their traditions. This will allow the tourists to explore and get to know a destination carefully and with all the respect that it deserves.

Another initiative of ecotourism is to use the capital flow boosted by the visitors to contribute to the protection of the environment. As a tourist you can gather information before your visit in order to identify the providers that contribute to these causes. These agents are really careful to mitigate their impact while they offer truly fulfilling, spontaneous and unforgettable experiences.

Low impact facilities are another area of development for ecotourism. From hotels to restaurants, bars and other entertainment facilities, each day more business owners are choosing to operate in environmentally friendly ways. When visiting a natural destination, we strongly suggest supporting these businesses while you enjoy yourself and relax.

Ecotourism is proof that it’s not necessary to sacrifice experiences and pleasure in order to behave responsibly towards the environment. It’s time to take our trips to a whole new level, to truly explore and get to know the places we visit and their people, to contribute to the economy while also preserving the marvels that these paradisiac destinations have to offer. Let’s take a leap towards a more sustainable, healthy and happy future for all.READ ABOUT The Importance of Mobility in the Configuration of a City

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