Green Areas: In Search of a Synergy Between Urbanism and Nature

Green Areas: In Search of a Synergy Between Urbanism and Nature

Cities are growing faster than ever before. Nowadays, more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas or cities, and the number is not getting any smaller anytime soon. Therefore, correct urban planning must be part of every country’s agenda. One of the key aspects in every city’s planning must definitely be the distribution and maintenance of green areas.

Living in a big city limits the population’s access to nature, while it also increases its exposure to air and noise pollution. The World Health Organization states that the lack of green areas in urban planning can cause both social and physical impacts on people living in the cities. There are other environmental consequences such as the endangerment of endemic flora and fauna.

The presence of parks, trees and playgrounds in both public and private places would substantially improve the living environment in the cities. However, issues related to land possession, transportation and commercial interests tend to make the creation and survival of green areas extremely difficult. The responsibility around this issue must be shared among the population, the government and the private developers.

The government must guarantee an equal distribution and preservation of these areas. Green areas should not be a privilege reserved to those living in high-profile districts, they should be available for the whole population in order to provide equal life-quality conditions. These spaces should be clean, safe and available for all members of the population to enjoy.

Private construction developers should always consider green areas within their projects. Including gardens and parks for every building is one of many ways in which the construction industry can be held accountable for the humongous effect it has on climate change, pollution and poor air quality in the cities. 

Finally, civil society must demand that the government’s initiatives and promises are correctly executed; as well as the construction industry’s goals of sustainability. It is up to all of us to work towards greener and healthier cities for us and the generations to come. Let’s not lower our guard, the future depends on us.

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