The Importance of Mobility in the Configuration of a City


The Importance of Mobility in the Configuration of a City

Urban transport and urban development are deeply intertwined, and they should evolve at the rhythm of the times we’re living in. The future is here, and it has become necessary and urgent to reimagine the ways in which we occupy the cities, how we move and which legacy we’re leaving for future generations. It’s time to think seriously about urban mobility, its development, its various implications and our responsibility around these issues.

The times where a modern, promising and prosperous city was one full of cars are long gone. Nowadays, the purpose is to create greener and more sustainable cities, which equals cities with less cars. A key factor in this journey is the transport diversification. It’s urgent to implement environmentally sensitive ways of transport, more accessible and safe public vehicles and friendlier roads for walking and cycling. 

There is no way to achieve this without comprehensive and detailed urban planning, which necessarily has to adapt to the particularities of each city, its geography, its climate and its population’s density and culture. This planning should consider various aspects such as the connectivity among different means of transportation, the city’s economic life and its development horizon. The journey towards a future less dependent on cars is very complex, however, it can result in an impressive life quality improval for all inhabitants, as well as the prospect of a much better future for generations to come. It’s definitely worth the effort.

It is time to finally conceive cities that are truly for the people, to work for them and do whatever it takes to preserve them. Now, while we’re experiencing the consequences of decades of hyper accelerated urban growth, it’s important to be fully aware of the actions we must take in order to build a cleaner, greener and healthier world for the years to come. Let’s work towards more connected and inclusive cities, where our daily routines, the environmental preservation and our well being can all coexist in total harmony.


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