You can be a great architect even if you got expelled from Harvard…twice

You can be a great architect even if you got expelled from Harvard…twice

As a child, he would spend entire days collecting, playing and exploring with materials, building and creating new things. He gathered objects and create new things out of them, testing their properties and setting his imagination free.

All the time he spent collecting, exploring and playing with objects, was -on his own words- key for most of his legacy:

For half of a century, he developed many concepts, designs and inventions, centered in solutions for inexpensive shelter and transportation, such as: geodesic domes, dymaxion houses and cars, among other inventions. He used to refer to Earth -which is, actually, mostly water- Spaceship Earth. 

You already know who we are talking about?

Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller; was born -just like The Notebook Club 🙂 – on June 12th, 1895 in Milton, Massachusetts. His unruly behavior earned him not only one but two Harvard expels; the first time for spending all his money in Vaudeville shows and the second time due to his lack of interest and irresponsibility. According to his “history of expels», we can say “Bucky” Fuller really enjoyed sharing with others as much as he enjoyed creating. Could there be a connection between sharing and creating?

Here at The Notebook Club, we share the life, work and stories of prominent people from over history. Today we shared with you a tiny bit of Bucky Fuller’s work and legacy, the great American architect, designer, inventor and scientist, driven by the idea of finding sustainable solutions, developing concepts and cutting-edge construction techniques.

Throughout his life, one question kept hunting Bucky’s mind: 

“Can humans survive on planet earth? if so, how?”


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